Here are the answers to some VERY frequently asked questions we've received from family, friends, & customers! Please take a moment to read them - it may relieve any hesitations you have towards using our product!

Is Safi deodorant cream an antiperspirant too?

Our formula allows your body to release toxins the way it’s supposed to via sweat glands. The purpose of deodorant is to provide natural fragrance and general dryness without interfering with your body’s natural processes. 

How long will it take for Safi deodorant to work effectively?

The participants of our case study experienced mild body odor for the first 24 hours of use. This is normal as your body purges the chemicals from your old conventional deodorant but this process resolved quickly. Short term pain for long term gain! 

Is Safi 100% vegan and organic?

Yes, Safi products are 100% vegan and organic. 

 Is Safi deodorant tested on animals?

Never! We are committed to providing 100% cruelty-free products. We only test on homosapien volunteers :)

Does your company offer general exchanges or returns if I want to change my order after shipping?

In general, due to the nature of deodorant use and sanitation concerns, Safi does not offer exchanges or returns on beauty products.  

 (For more information about risks associated with the use of conventional deodorants, please visit: www.madesafe.org/education/whats-in-that/deodorant/)