About Us

SAFI was founded in 2021. A mother and her daughter had a mission: to spread health consciousness by turning an everyday essential into a safe, toxic-free formula with a rigid standard of outstanding quality! It's no secret that the DEAs, parabens, triclosans, and phthalates in conventional deodorants "have the capacity to be absorbed through the skin." Studies have found that these toxic chemicals act as endocrine impersonators, thus disrupting endocrine function in both males and females (madesafe.org, 2021). Not only does our product smell delicious, it also contains all organic ingredients that will not poison your lymphatic system and increase your risk for breast cancer. We thank you for patronizing our small business and allowing us to expedite our mission. We will continue to provide you with the highest quality and care - one homemade deodorant container at a time!

~ Arlene & Anika

(For more information about risks associated with the use of conventional deodorants, please visit: www.madesafe.org/education/whats-in-that/deodorant/)